+PEDIATRIC CPR (Child and Infant)

  • Infant Compressions::
  • For infants, single rescuers (whether lay rescuers or healthcare providers) should compress the sternum with 2 fingers or 2 thumbs placed just below the nipple line (mammary line).

For infants, if the rescuer is unable to achieve guideline-recommended depths (at least one third the diameter of the chest), it may be reasonable to use the heel of 1 hand.

  • Rescue Breathing:
  • For infants and children with a pulse but absent or inadequate respiratory effort, it is reasonable to give 1 breath every 2 to 3 seconds (20-30 breaths/min)
  • Compression Rates:
  • The recommended rate is 100 to 120 compressions per minute (as opposed to ‘at least’ 100 compressions).(unchanged from 2015)
  • Compression Depth:
  • For adolescents, a maximum compression depth not greater than 2.4 inches (6 cm) is recommended.