• Separated Tooth:
  • If immediate reimplantation is not possible, certain solutions are suggested to prolong the tooth’s viability: Hanks Balanced Salt Solution, propolis, egg white, coconut water, Ricetral or whole milk.
  • Use of Aspirin for Chest Pain:
  • Aspirin is still recommended for a person suspected of having a heart attack as long as the patient has no allergy other contraindications. Either coated or non-coated aspirin is allowed as long as the aspirin is chewed and swallowed. There is no change to recommended dose of 1 adult or 2 baby aspirin.
  • Repeat Doses for Anaphylaxis:
  • When a person does not respond to an initial dose of epinephrine and EMS is not expected to arrive within 5 to 10 minutes, consider a repeat dose.
  • Hemostatic Dressings:
  • May be considered when standard bleeding control measures are not working to treat severe external bleeding.