• New Chain of Survival for In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest (IHCA):
  • A different chain of survival will be used to prevent and improve outcomes of IHCA. The IHCA Chain of Survival is: Surveillance and protection, recognition and activation of the emergency response system, immediate high-quality CPR, rapid defibrillation, and advanced support and post arrest care.
  • Team Resuscitation:
  • Provides a customizable approach for activation of the EMS and cardiac arrest management to better match the rescuers’ clinical setting. Instead of focusing on a single-rescuer algorithm, team resuscitation teaches how to modify the BLS sequence based on the type of arrest, its location and who is nearby.
  • Rescue Breaths with an Advanced Airway in Place:
  • There is only one rate once an advanced airway is in place. One breath every six seconds for all ages. Compressions and breaths are performed asynchronously after the placement of an advanced airway.
  • Out-of-Hospital Cooling:
  • Is not recommended at this time.